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About Arrival

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Category: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 10 November 2016 (UK)

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 207 minutes

Budget: $74,569,631

Box Office: $?

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“Arrival”, Everything is so clever, so beautiful and so pertinent in Denis Villeneuve's latest film that until his title, The Arrival, which differs from the one that headed the novel on which it is based - The Story of Your Life (Bibliópolis, 2014 ), By Ted Chiang, seems to appeal to the moment when this uncontested masterpiece of science fiction lands upon us.

The film is to the genre what the appearance of these strange lithic ships to contemporary humanity: an unexpected irruption and called to change the way we think the world and we think to ourselves. And with this certainty we open the fire of metaphors, in which the tape is so neat. We can not advance from here without summoning all the relevant elements of the plot, so it is necessary to warn the reader of the need to abandon reading now if it intends an innocent and satisfactory viewing.

Twelve ships appear in two Earthen enclaves. Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is a reputed translator who comes to the Pentagon to interpret the sounds emitted by the visitors and find out, first, what they have come. Unable to decode those unintelligible fragments without a frame of reference, Banks decides to find out if the aliens, besides speaking, possess language (according to Ferdinand Saussure's Neoplatonic postulates: language as an ideal instrument, speech as imperfect execution), and This is expressed in written language. After discovering the unique ideographic system of writing of these extraterrestrials of seven legs, it develops a precarious base of communication with them from a model of approximate equivalences. However, he advances with caution, and so he explains it to the troubled Colonel Webber (Forest Whitaker), because it is necessary to know the syntax before giving the semantic fields provided as being understood.”...
Given the mutual incomprehension of two species that have dissimilar communicative models - aliens and humans, but also science and the army - we are all children trying to learn to speak. It is an important concept that the cognitive scientist and evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker explored in his famous work La tabla rasa: the modern negation of human nature (Paidós, 2003). Pinker explained about verbs such as "fill", "cast" and "load", which share semantic scope, how children understand the different grammatical functions that each verb entails strangely natural

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#3 A great release date: November 10, 2016

The problem was how to explain how a young child, without prior knowledge of how a specific language works and who is not going to receive lessons on how to use words in certain circumstances, learns what words and phrases mean in Which can be used..... We adults, for example, will say 'fill the glass of water' but not 'fill the water inside the glass', although we understand perfectly the meaning of the phrase. We will say 'pour the water into the glass' but do not 'pour the glass with water'. The second version is reasonable, but it does not sound good. However, with a verb like 'load' we can say both 'load the hay in the wagon' and 'load the wagon with hay'. So you have a verb that takes the container as a direct object, one that takes content as the object, and a third that can work both ways. "

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Knowing the correct grammatical structure and accurately adjusting the interaction of meanings are indispensable conditions, explains Banks to Webber in the film, because the first sentence that he has managed to decode is composed of something that could be A verb, "give", and something that looks like a noun, "weapon."

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“Arrival” From the standpoint of syntax, visitors may be offering a weapon or asking for it, or they may even be describing a function of the object. From the point of view of semantics, meaning, "weapon" may refer to a tool, instrument, utility or, simply, a weapon, which in turn could be defensive or offensive (ie a passive object Or an active subject). The phrase may be an offer, a warrant or a threat.
It does not help to clarify the meaning of this content an added discovery of Louise Banks: the language of the visitors is not discursive but simultaneous, due to its peculiar perception of the time, so that there is not a consecutive order of the semantic units that allows to deduce A vector construction of meaning, nor a clear verbal time. And yet, for the human species it is substantial to elucidate what is direct object and what is subject, pivoting around a verb. Who acts and who receives action. Back to Pinker:
"Debate and disagreement can arise when two people - or one person on different occasions - interpret the same event in different ways. To put water in front of. .

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